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Ty's  Story

Tiberius Hallas grew up with a loving and caring family until he hit puberty. His desires were leaning more toward liking guys than girls. Knowing his family's view on homosexuality, he kept his sexuality a secret.  He didn't stop trying to like girls and did have a a few girlfriends, but they all ended up as just friends in the end. Ty really didn't mind, and the girls he did date were some of his closest friends. Ty did have boyfriend in middled school, but the relationship was not really all that serious. It was more like experimentation, but the two loved each other non the less. Alex Wang was Tiberius' first. Though they ended the relationship on mutual grounds they never lost contact.

Though high school, Ty snuck in a boyfriend; Joseph McCleen was Ty's first real love. They first started out as friends in their junior year. During the summer between Ty and Joe's Junior and senior year their relationship deepened. They shared their first kiss one summer night while watching a meteor shower. The two boys managed to keep their relationship a secret, from both sets of parents, for about six months. They managed to steal kisses during school days, and after school they would spend a couple hours at joe's house. Joe's parents worked late, and Joe's younger sister always went to karate class right after school. So for two hours they had alone time. At that time they never went any further than heavy petting and blow jobs.

However one Saturday night, three months before graduation, Ty spent the night over at Joe's house. It was near midnight and the rest of Joe's family had gone to sleep. Ty and Joe were sharing Joe's queen size bed were making out heavily. Joe wanted to go further, but Ty was a little reluctant. Joe finally convince Ty to go further. While they were nearing their climax, Joe's twelve year old sister woke up to thumping and moaning. She snuck to Joe's room door and peeked through to find her brother and 'friend' lying naked together. They had just finished, and Joe's sister was shocked. She went back to bed and was going to tell her parents first thing in the morning. Much like Ty's family, Joe's family did not condone homosexuality. Sunday morning came, and Joe's sister told on Ty and her brother. Joe's parents confronted the boys, they did not denigh the truth. Joe's parents called Ty's parents, and then both boys were forbidden to see and contact each other ever again. Ty ended up getting the worst of the punishment. His parents made him go to a different school and was grounded until he graduated. Sadly, Ty and Joe lost contact when Ty moved. All contact information Ty had, email, cellphone, online social networking, had been changed or terminated. Because of his parents, Ty became withdrawn. He ate alone at his new school, and when anyone tried to befriend him, he would ignore them.

One girl managed to brake down his wall though. Kendra Bybee. She was one persistent person and  managed to be Ty's best friend. Ty explained his history. After a while Kendra had a idea. She and Ty would pretend to date to get Ty's parents to lighten up. When Kendra was at Ty's house, they would cuddle and kiss a little to lead Mr. and Mrs, Hallas astray. When Ty visited Kendra's home, they way just friends. Mr. and Mrs. Bybee accepted Ty's sexuality and played along with the kids' rouge. The Bybees loved Ty and did everything to help him to be loved and accepted.

After Ty and Kendra graduated, Ty was kicked out of his house. Luckily, Kendra Bybee and her parents took Ty in and helped him to get into an online college. He didn't to go to a collage because he was afraid to be outcast. Kendra tried to convince him that he would not be, especially if she went with him, but Ty was dead set on on-line classes.  Ty was very skilled with computers and decided to be a web-page designer.  While he did schooling online, the Bybees were more than happy to let Ty stay with them. Not including a few times Kendra had dragged him out to the movies or shopping, he stayed in the room he was offered and buried himself into his schooling. After about three years, Ty was able to get an online job. The company he started work for was highly impressed with his skills and moved him up quickly in the company. Though he was making enough to have a place of his own, Ty decided to have be a roommate and share an apartment with Donatello Moretti. (Yes... I know a TMNT name... but do some research. The four turtles were named after great renaissance artist). Ty saved and also sent money back to The Bybees to repay them for all the help they had given him.

When Ty moved in with Donatello, Ty didn't speak much. The conversations were "hi", "bye", and (for donnie) "I bought home a girl". Ty didn't really care. He was to involved with his job. Then one day Donnie really wanted to get to know he is room mate.

"Hey Ty?"  Donnie knocked on Ty's room door.

Ty sighed. 'why can't he leave well enough alone' he thought. He got up and greeted his roommate. "What is it Donatello?"

"Oh come on... please call me Donnie. We are friends right, or I would like to think we are. We have been roommates for what... a year now? And all you do is hide in that room. You hardly go out, AND you never bring chicks home." Donnie glared up at his roommate. (When I mean looking up, I MEAN looking up. Ty is 6'4" tall... a giant of a man.)

Ty sighed "Don not know... I have work to do... and I don't want to be bothered"

"I know you get urges... I have heard you masturbating at night. Yet you don't go out and get any pussy. Are you gay or something?" Donnie blurted out

Ty turned red, then scowled "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW... NOTHING... YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME. MAYBE I DON'T WANT A RELATIONSHIP... MAYBE I WANT TO WORK ON MY CAREE BEFOR SETTLING DOWN."  Ty leaned down to Don, until their noses touched. "Never assume anything you don't know nothing about." the angry giant finally whispered harshly. Then he stood up and slammed the door in Donnie's face.

To say the least, Donnie was just stunned and hurt. "I... I'm sorry big guy... I didn't mean to ... to offend you."  Don left Ty's door and went to the living room to watch T.V.

Two weeks went by, and Ty's roommate's words lingered and drove a stake into his heart. He should have never blown up at Don. His roommate just wanted to be friends. Ty laid on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. "I need to apologize to him. He really was just wondering why I never go out. Should I tell him... What if I tell him and I get kicked out just like my parents did to me?... He did ask... Maybe he will be okay with having me around... then again I could wind up out on the streets... Donnie did ask... So he might be ok with me.."  Ty sighed heavily. He finally decided to tell Donnie sorry and explain why.

Ty opened his room door and found his roommate on the couch snoozing to the history channel. The giant giggled and gave his roommate an endearing gaze. "Man... he is cute..." he spoke quietly. Then he cleared his throat. "Yo... Donatello... wake up... I need to talk to you" Ty gently shook Don awake.

"Mmm?... Oh... Hey..." Donnie sat up and rubbed his eye "What is up?"

"I... um.... I... I want to say sorry for a couple weeks ago. For blowing up on you?" Ty looked down and rubbed the back of his neck. "I should have never done that and I am sorry."

"No sweat dude... I forgive you" Donnie smiled

"And I um..." Ty paused and took a deep breath "I also need to tell you something..." The giant stood up and walked a little ways away from his smaller roommate. "I well... I am..."

Donnie smirked "Gay..."

Ty whipped around looking at Donnie and looked down "Yeah... I will understand if you do not want me here anymore and I will move out as soon as I can." he quickly added

Now Donnie didn't care if his roommate, Tiberius Hallas, was gay. In fact he was happy Ty came clean. "And why in hell would I kick you out? Because you like guys?"  Donnie had many gay friends and he was going to add another. "You know Ty, I do not know your history, but it is time you start a new chapter in your book. I do Not care if you like guys. What I do care about is having someone to lean on when times get hard. I know You are just a roommate now... But I would like to be your best bud. I like you... AS A FRIEND..."

Ty just stared at Donnie. He could not believe what he was hearing. 'A friend? Really... He wants me to be his friend?' Ty smiled then nodded. He held out his hand for a shake, but Donnie pulled Ty in to a Bro hug. Ty blushed and gave in to the hug "Agreed friends"

After that day Donnie and Ty became the best of friends anyone could ask for. Slowly Donnie coaxed Ty on going out and meeting new people. After about six months, Ty was dragged to a bar. Donnie made his giant of a friend go despite the heavy work load Ty had to complete before the end of the week. While the shorter roommate danced and drank, Ty sat at a booth and watched the bustling bar. Then the doors opened to a new life.  That night Tiberius Hallas met Dean McDonough. Just in one night, Ty would meet the yin to his yang.

Part Cat

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 4:19 PM
You know... Sometimes I believe I may have been a cat in a previous life if reincarnation is real. Much of my personality is cat like. I love eating tune or can salom out of a can, I have a bed that is 5 feet of the ground -and I love sleeping in it-, and I love milk. I am pretty much independent, but i do like the attention of other when I really want/need it.  I can actually purr and meow extreemly well to the point I can call my cats home with a simple meow, and they caom running home. 

I love it though... 

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Ok Anime and Fannatiku fans of Southern Utah. I have a proposition for all of you. Who would like to get a Funamation Voice actor to Fannatiku Fest 2015? Chris Patton, Chuck Hüber, Christopher Sabet just to name a few.

If you want to have a great experience and help St. Geroge Ut's local Anime Convention grow and be the best, then please help Fannatiku Fest raise the funds to have voice actor grant us with his/her presence . This fundraiser will help with the voice actor's travel and lodging, intial appearence fee, diem (daily appearence fee). I wish Fannatiku Fest to grow in to a 3 day event maybe 4, and Fannatiku Fest to out shine Anime Banzai. And we will not be able to out shine unless we join together and raise money to make Fannatiku Fest the Best! So who is will me to make Fannatiku Fest Number 1

I am starting to sell SGT Frog Patches and some hats. If any one is interested note me.


Name: Alicia

Age: Old enough to know better, too young to care

sex: Female

relationship: single

children: one son

pet: cat

Hobbies/interests: Drawing, beading, sewing, video games, exploring, playing guitar, listening to music,

Original birth place: Wisconsin

Where I grew up: Missouri and Virginia

Where I live now: St. George, UT

About me: Well let me see. I am currently in school for automotive repair @ Dixie State College, and I work at Autozone part time. I have been at The Zone for 5 years now and love it. I have a great boss and wonderful co-workers. I am planning on sticking with Autozone.

When I have free time I like to draw. Right now I am on a HQ Keroro Gunso Logo by FaiTakeruSachiko SGT Frog kick. I have even created an onikero character named Ariri Gochou.

:icongameaddictplz: And when I am not drawing I like to play video games. Skylanders is the game of choice right now. My two favorite characters are Whirlwind and the new Flashwing. I also play pokemon on the 3DS when I feel like it

I am learning to play guitar, and I will be getting a classical guitar soon. I can't wait. I have always loved music and played the String bass for 5 years. (from 5th grade to 10th grade)

Well if you want to know anything elso just send a note...

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


Part Cat

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 4:19 PM
You know... Sometimes I believe I may have been a cat in a previous life if reincarnation is real. Much of my personality is cat like. I love eating tune or can salom out of a can, I have a bed that is 5 feet of the ground -and I love sleeping in it-, and I love milk. I am pretty much independent, but i do like the attention of other when I really want/need it.  I can actually purr and meow extreemly well to the point I can call my cats home with a simple meow, and they caom running home. 

I love it though... 

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Welcome to my page. Right now I am on a SGT Frog kick.

If you would like a SGT Frog OC of your own I will be willing to draw it for you.

:bulletred: just SGT Frog OC 3 points

Sexy Ariri by SolarGear079

:bulletorange: colored OC 6 points

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:bulletyellow: 2 OC's or OC with SGT Frog Character 10 points

Rajiji and Dororo by SolarGear079 SGT Frog (OC) G.A.S.H. Platoon by SolarGear079

:bulletgreen: Colored 2 OC's or SGT Frog Character 15 points

Request for Chibipikagirl by SolarGear079 Saroro and Dachnono by SolarGear079

If not Then I just hope you enjoy my draws anyway

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